Bridal FAQ


I'm engaged!
Now what?

After you've set your date email us to check our availability. Before we can hold your date we will need you to fill out our bridal contract and bridal policies forms. Your day will be held once we receive your 50% deposit for services. We can take payment over the phone for your convenience.

Should I have
a trial?

If you're asking this question, you should probably have a trial. At this appointment your anxieties will be put at ease. We can go over any additional questions you have, work with hair accessories, and talk hair length, color, and texture. This will cut down on stress and time the day of your wedding! Please bring inspirational photos and accessories. Please arrive with clean, dry hair and if we are doing your make up a clean, moisturized face!

To false lash or
not to false lash?

Always false lash. False lashes look GREAT in photos. We offer individual lashes for a more natural look and feel, or wefts for more drama. False lashes are included in our make up price.

What is the difference
between airbrush and
traditional makeup?

Traditional foundation comes in the widest variety of shades and is the most versatile. It is NOT waterproof and may need touch ups throughout the day. It can be used anywhere from a shear tint to a full coverage look. Airbrush make up is lightweight and creates a very matte finish. It IS waterproof and won't transfer on clothing. However, it cannot be touched up later in the day. No wiping! Only blotting!

What should I
bring day of?

Remember to bring any headpieces and extensions. You are welcome to bring a breakfast spread, beverages, and music.

How should I
arrive day of?

Wearing a button-down shirt is always a good option to avoid messing up your hairstyle between wardrobe changes. Do be aware of certain shirts collars and how it may affect the finished style once the styling cape is removed. Wide neck shirts or tank-tops that can be removed without going over the head are also good options. Please arrive with clean, dry hair and if we are doing your make up a clean, moisturized face!

When should I
arrive day of?

If possible try to arrive as a group 15 minutes early. This allows time for any set up of food/drinks and still allow both the wedding party and us to stay on our agreed time frame for the day of the wedding.

Can I do my own
make up or nails
at bang salon?

No. We don't want to rain on your parade but we simply do not have the extra space and share a single bathroom with other businesses.

Do you offer on
site services?